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Welcome to Gabriel Center Wellness & Supply

At Gabriel Center Wellness & Supply, we are dedicated to providing our community with the best in health and wellness services. Our team of practitioners offers a wide variety of treatments, including massage therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, and trauma recovery. We also offer unique wellness services like HOCATT Ozone Rejuvenation, Full Body Thermography, and BIO MAT Treatments. In our retail store, we have a range of massage therapy products to help you continue your wellness journey at home. We believe that everyone deserves to feel their best, and we are here to help you achieve that goal.

Massage Therapy Room

Our massage therapy room is a tranquil space designed to help you relax and rejuvenate. We offer a range of massage styles to suit your needs, including Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone. Our experienced therapists will work with you to create a custom treatment plan that addresses your unique concerns and goals. Come and experience the healing power of touch.

Acupuncture Studio

Acupuncture is an ancient healing practice that has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide range of conditions. Our acupuncture studio is a peaceful space where you can receive personalized care from our skilled practitioners. Whether you are seeking relief from pain, stress, or other health issues, we are here to help. Let us guide you on your path to wellness.


Ready to experience the ultimate in relaxation and detoxification? Our HOCATT Ozone Rejuvenation system is the perfect choice. This advanced technology uses steam, far infrared, and ozone therapy to help you release toxins, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. You will emerge feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from head to toe.


Full Body Thermography is a non-invasive way to assess your overall health and wellness. Using advanced thermal imaging technology, we can detect areas of inflammation, injury, and dysfunction in your body. This information can help us create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs. Come and discover the power of thermography.

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